Estima is pleased to be able to distribute selected Econometrics textbooks that we believe will be particularly useful for users of our RATS and CATS software.

Please click on the links at left for more details on each book.

You can order via the on-line ordering system on our Web site, or by phone, fax, mail, or e-mail. See placing orders for additional information. Please contact Estima if you have any questions. Note that there are no shipping charges for orders shipped via UPS Ground anywhere in the US. Additional charges apply for shipping outside the US, or for faster shipping in the US.

We are also pleased to offer Walter Enders new "e-book", entitled RATS Programming Manual, which is available for downloading free of charge from our website. See the Programming Manual page for details.

We've written RATS example programs for the worked examples from all of these textbooks. See Textbook Examples for links.