RATS/CATS Technical Support

If you haven't already done so, please read our Technical Support Policy before contacting us for assistance. It offers some suggestions on resolving problems, and describes the level of support we try to provide. Most of this information is also available in the Introduction to RATS booklet or PDF included with RATS.

If you are going to contact tech support, please be sure to include (or be ready to provide):

  • Your name.

  • The serial number for your RATS or CATS license. This will be on your invoice, license agreement or CD envelope. If it's not already being displayed in your "About RATS" dialog on the software, you can use the "Preferences" dialog to add it—the field for it is at the top of the dialog.

  • Or, if you are using a multi-user license at a university or company, include the name of institution and department.

  • The specific version of RATS you are using (10.0, 9.2, 8.3, etc.).

If you are experiencing some sort of problem (as opposed to asking a "how to" question), please tell us what type of computer and which operating system you are using, along with a detailed explanation of the problem. Note: If you are getting any kind of error message, please tell us exactly what the error message said and where it occurred (that is, don't just tell us "I got an error message").

Contacting Estima Tech Support

We pride ourselves on providing fast, accurate responses to questions relating to the use of our software products. E-mail is almost always the best choice. If you are e-mailing us regarding a programming problem, it's usually best if you include your program and data file, and the relevant portion of the output, as attachments—in many cases, we can't really do much without those. Please check with us before sending very large attachments, and if possible, please zip any large files (or collections of many files) before sending. Here's how you can reach our technical support department: