Examples and Procedures

Every copy of RATS ships with more than 400 procedures that significantly extend the capabilities of the program. You'll find procedures implementing dozens of hypothesis tests, various estimation techniques, and much more. RATS also ships with over 1000 example programs, including worked examples from the RATS manuals as well as collections of example programs from more than twenty popular econometrics textbooks and more than sixty important papers.

The various PDF files included with RATS describe the procedures and examples provided with the software.

All of those procedures and examples (and more) are also available here on our website. The tools here on the website can be helpful in locating procedures or examples of particular interest. You can then either download copies from the website, or refer to the copies installed along with your RATS software.

The files are grouped into two major categories here on the website:

  • Procedure and Example Browser

    Use the Procedure and Example browser to access procedures, the main RATS examples, and examples replicating econometrics papers.

  • Textbook Example Browser

    Use this browser to access hundreds of programs replicating examples from many leading econometrics textbooks.

See downloading files for help on accessing the files.


Links to RATS example programs and procedures have now been added to the RePEc archive of economics papers, books, and software components. For example, you can now go to


and search by author, article title, or topic keywords. Where available, you'll find links to related examples or procedures. Pages for specific journal articles will also list related RATS code in the "Other Versions of this Item" section of the listing. For instance, check the following page for the "Other Versions":

Enders and Siklos JBES 2001

You can also often hit the direct RePEc page for the procedure itself using an external search engine. For instance, searching for "Enders Siklos RATS" will probably give you a first hit at


which will then have a link back to the paper if it's on RePEC.