WinTD Version 4.20

The current release of WinTD is Version 4.20. This has some major enhancements over Version 4.11. The new features are:

  • You can directly download the USCF Golden Database.
  • The USCF upload dialogs have been revised to use the newest upload formats.
  • You can now generate local ID numbers for players in your master list.
  • There is now an Edit-Find operation to locate strings within the name or team fields.
  • Data import can accept XLSX files and can read data from a chosen sheet within it.
  • You can e-mail or text pairings to players or coaches.
  • The user interface is considerably cleaner, with more and better looking toolbar icons and right-click (contextual) menus.
  • The help has been greatly expanded and there are now contextual help links for most of the dialog boxes and windows.

If you have a version 4.00-4.11 of WinTD, you can update to 4.20 for just $25. An update from a version 2 or 3 is $40. A new license remains just $90.