This section of the website provides access to a variety of resources for users of our WinTD software. Use the menu above or the links below to access information on obtaining Technical Support services, downloading updates, and more.

Help files

Most of the documentation for WinTD is provided in HTML-based help files. Follow this link for version 5, and this one for version 4.2.

Using US Chess Data

See US Chess Database for details on using the US Chess Golden Database.

Using FIDE Data

See FIDE database for details on accessing the FIDE ratings database. Note that this requires WinTD Version 5.

Technical Support

See Support for details on obtaining technical support.

WinTD Discussion Forum

See WinTD Forum for information on our WinTD discussion forum.

Tim Just's Videos

NTD Tim Just has created a set of videos which go through the basics of the use of WinTD. See WinTD Videos.