Chess Tournament Pairing Software

If you'd like to try out our WinTD software, you can download a free trial version using the instructions given below. This is a complete, unlimited version of the program that will run for 30 days from the date of first use.

Note that WinTD is chess tournament management software, not chess playing software.

Downloading the Windows Trial

Download the file WinTD_Trial.msi. When you execute it, it will launch the Installer, which will ask you a few questions and then install the program. Once installed, the program should automatically start.

Downloading the Macintosh Trial

Download the file to your hard drive, double-click on the file to unzip it (Safari will do this automatically), and then run the extracted installer package. This will launch the Installer, which will ask you a few questions and then install the program (into your Applications folder). Once you've installed the program, double-click on the "WinTD" icon to start the program.

Obtaining a Trial License

When the program starts up initially, you will see a dialog box with a link asking you to "Click here to submit your activation request code". Click on this and fill out and submit the form. This will send your request to us. Please make sure that you put in the correct e-mail address since that is what we use to send you the key code. If you don't get a confirmation email from within a few minutes, you probably gave us an incorrect e-mail.

Within one business day, we will email you back an activation code that will unlock the software for the 30-day trial period. You will restart the program which will bring up that same activation dialog. You will paste the code that we send into the blank in the dialog and click on "Activate Now".

We recommend that you read through at least the first part of the help system (via the Help menu or Help file link) to learn how to use the program. While we can't provide full technical support for the demo version, we will be happy to answer any basic questions you may have about using the program or its capabilities.